JSON Feed Support

Remote Friendly now supports the official JSON Feed spec and offers a JSON feed you can subscribe to.

Site Updates and New Features

Remote Friendly has an all-new look! The new design is sharper and less cluttered, with a new color scheme and logo. The site is still fully responsive and looks great no matter what device you're using.

Category RSS feeds

You can now subscribe to per-category RSS feeds so you can keep updated about jobs that matter most. Look for the RSS feed link below the job listings when filtering by category.

Job submission changes

To make it even easier to submit a listing to Remote Friendly, the job posting form has been streamlined while also adding some highly-requested features.

  • Optional salary information can now be provided
  • There's a new section for providing information on how to apply
  • Added a "Report a problem" button to job listings
  • If a URL for applications is provided, the "Apply Online" button appears in the job listing. If an email address for applications is provided, the Apply by Email button appears. Both of these are optional and you can just use the How to Apply section if you'd prefer.

Thanks to all our users and don't forget, listings are just $20 for 60 days!

Remote Friendly is Open!

Remote Friendly is a jobs board where you can find jobs at companies that embrace the culture of working remotely. If your company has open positions that are remote-friendly, it's just $50 to to list a job for 60 days–but right now it's free for a limited time!

More and more companies are hiring remotely and eliminating the need for being physically close to an office (some companies are even fully remote and have no offices at all). Remote employees can enjoy the freedom of working from wherever they feel most comfortable while companies benefit from a worldwide talent pool–not just those who live in proximity to a brick-and-mortar building.

You can keep up to date on new job listings at Remote Friendly by following us on Twitter, subscribing to our RSS feed, or signing up to a weekly newsletter. There's also a JSON output if you want to get creative!